Still Stranded in Frankfurt - Lessons Learnt

I was supposed to fly home on Saturday night. Instead, I have been grounded like 6.5 million other travellers. Rather than be furious, I thought this would be a really opportune time to reflect on the lessons I have learnt (and, sob) continue to learn from this experience. Gelassenheit

Letting things be. There is something quite extraordinary about giving up. Everything is an offer. Watch what happens when you stop fighting and trying to control things. Observe what you notice and how the world opens up with everything.

The Comfort of Strangers

There has been a joy and a sense of belonging in #ashtag and #stranded on Twitter. First, to see others in far worse off positions - One girl missed her wedding. The other is to really begin to understand Desiderata: Never compare yourself to others in life because you will always find people better and worse off. This comforts me.


RT @andylockran: Iceland go bankrupt, then manage to set their island on fire. Insurance scam written all over it.

So here's to all of those still #stranded. It's possibly the greatest lesson in going slow to go fast.

At the worst of times and the best of times, our humour prevails. It continues to remind me how important it is to laugh and how this is perhaps the most important form of Art.

Stay curious. See you on the other side.