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The Question of Tone as You and Them Collide

I have had a bee in my bonnet for a couple of months now regarding the implications of You and Them colliding in the marketplace of words. If blogging is now becoming an arena as easily accessible for corporate messages as for individual thoughts, what then happens to Tone? The Cluetrain Manifesto is clear that the tone used by Business needs to change but what does this mean for the way we engage and what will the impact be on the way individuals communicate their messages. Will these become more formal and business messages become more chatty? As we become increasingly subject to the tyranny of increased partial attention disorder, messages have had to become increasingly stickier. If You and Them start sounding the same, will this create a downturn interest in reading blogs or will there emerge a different tone to distinguish both? I would really love to have your thoughts on this as it is a topic which I think could have far reaching implications for the way we market and meaningfully engage.