Feedback on the Learnings from the Programme

What I am Getting from This

Being involved in so many projects like my band and the business I would like to start, the course has helped me to see the endless possibilities of opportunity if the correct steps are taken. Each week when we cram so much information into 3hrs I go back and review the notes, try to apply it to the various projects and find more information around each class. It takes a while to digest the information especially when each day is filled with doing jobs for money, leaving very little time to reflect but I realize the importance of making the most of every minute of each day. My focus has been developing a concrete business plan but each session adds value to the other projects I am involved in. I am always surprised at how much I know when things are being explained to us but knowing something and actually putting it into practice is the key thing here.  I have not reached the point yet where I am actually linking each session together but I can definitely see how the one thing cannot work effectively without the other.  Special shout out to David Duarte for making this happen for me. Big big love! And Elaine you are tha bomb!!! Your compassion, intellect and kindness has been invaluable to my self belief and confidence.