Our time together on Monday - Liz

It was a real delight for me to be part of Monday evening, and our time together on Monday has stayed with me through the course of this week, with resonances of it popping up at unexpected times. I have been particularly struck once again by the re-confirmation that at the heart of all that we do, the work on ourselves remains fundamental to our well being and our success. Knowing who we are, what we need, what gives the meaning and purpose to our days, and what we value is the foundation from which we need to move. Our time together has been a gentle reminder to me to go back to reflecting on these things and I trust that you will too. There must always be time to think about what really matters to each of us and allow this to be a compass, otherwise it is too easy to be swallowed up by the hecticness of every day and to squander precious time. Cultivating our capacity to discern and exercise good judgment is so critical in navigating knotty issues of integrity and value - and I believe that this only comes through real consistent attention to ourselves. On a practical note, I am a firm believer in taking and adapting tools and ideas to make them work in our own situations so in terms of the models and tools that Elaine and I shared with you - take what works, apply it, adapt it - push the boundaries of the ideas and the frameworks. They are simply there as aids so feel free to use, test, adapt and discard as you need to. As Bradley has so aptly put it, this course is about prompting the right questions so that you can develop the answer that will work best for you - and I would love to see the outcomes of that process. So E - please invite me back again!