LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is a unique way of grappling with the opportunities for an organisation in an environment which is challenging and creative.

It is based on the premise that intelligence is not only intellectual: sometimes the best ideas can’t be expressed with words or even pictures, but needs to be built to be understood. Participants do this by essentially creating a prototype for their ideas in a no-risk environment.

The professional SERIOUS PLAY® facilitator will get participants out of an intellectual thought process, and into a playful mindset in response to a current opportunity or challenge, which helps them see possible solutions that they couldn’t otherwise express.

This process helps teams get to a clearer understanding of each other and their vision. It creates clarity, purpose, and shared understanding.


»  We concretise the challenge at hand

»  We become more emotionally resilient

»  Our decision making improves

» We have greater creative confidence

» Our relationships are more energised

» We go out of Ego and into Possibility

» We are more adaptable to Change

» We develop an increased sense of Purpose and Mastery in our work


Consolidate multiple perspectives into a shared vision.

Create deeper conversations about important business issues that are otherwise not discussed.

Identify unexpected opportunities for major breakthroughs that would otherwise not be expressed.

Enjoy a fun, memorable, and meaningful team building experience.


» We connect and collaborate better with our stakeholders

» Get to the core issue fast

» Explore alternative options

»  Reframe thinking

» Find answers in the system YOU build

» Grapple with a strategic challenge in 3D

» Commitment to actionable outcomes


A facilitated group ideation process using the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY brick-set, guided by a highly experienced facilitator.


Intact or cross disciplinary teams interested in relationship building and sense making of the challenges and possibilities ahead.



Using LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® as a strategic coaching tool to grapple with a complex problem which one currently needs perspective or insight on.

Duration: 2.5 hrs


Strategy for the Enterprise
Strategy for the Enterprise

Group session using LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® to build future scenarios, deal collectively with a strategic challenge and checking sense making, decision making, and feasibility around current and emergent strategies for the organisation.

Duration: Dependent on group size


"The process was outstanding, in that it took me into a mental space I had never before played in and as a result the insights were fresh, highly impactful and full of innovative solutions to issues I had been struggling with for some time”.


backs from our senior execs was that it surprised them how effective the process was in visualising alternatives to things; they were amazed at how play toys became the tools of discovery into their own limitations and assumptions”.

Steve Glendinning - Group People Director, Mr Price Group Limited

"Elaine designed and executed a very clever and creative program using LEGO Serious Play that helped us to achieve our goal - crafting a set of principles to foster freedom of expression. Moreover, with colleagues from 14 different countries, LEGO became a common language and generated ideas that may have remained unearthed in a more traditional workshop methodology. Our delegates were hugely impressed!"

Steffen Leidel - Editor onMedia, Deutsche Welle Akademie

I recently met with Elaine Rumboll to help me solve an aspect in my company that I was not seeing clearly. We spent time working with LEGO SERIOUS PLAY and I was truly amazed at how the answers I was seeking was presented much more clearly and I could resolve what I was battling with before working with Elaine. Not only did I find answers to the main issue I initially came to see her about, but also other aspects of my business that needed attention was presented and with her exceptional insight I was able to shed light on those too. I HIGHLY recommend contacting Elaine about this remarkable work she does. You can only win.

Edwena Kaplen-Jacobs - Institute of Medical Boards, USA

Path 2013-06-28 00_26
Path 2013-06-28 00_26

The value of this innovative process transcends the corporate boardroom and can be extended into public sector, NGO-based and government projects. I would strongly recommend Elaine Rumboll as a Lego practitioner to those in need of a fresh, creative perspective for addressing what seem to be insurmountable challenges.

Ushma Mehta - Pharmacovigilance consultant

Elaine introduced me to a fun insightful approach to developing new insights, possibilities and strategies through a simple process using Lego® Serious Play. She is a brilliant coach who enabled me to achieve deep insights and awareness in the short space of two and half hours that resulted in clear personal and work strategies for the year ahead.

Dominique Durward - Levi Strauss

As a Play therapist, I am aware of the pow

er of Play to move people into Possibility. I was particularly struck by the power of Lego when I underwent a Lego process with Elaine. The process she led me through was insightful and provided much clarity. Her ability to harness her varied experience in Business and the Arts provided powerful questions which lead me to surprising and meaningful places for transformation. Anyone who is on a journey of conscious self-growth should go through this process.

Andrea Milwidsky - Play therapist

Elaine ran a Lego process with me and the experience was both deeply transformative and useful to my work. She is professional, empathetic with a keen insight into human cognitive and emotional processing. I highly recommend this process both as a personal transformation and as a strategic intervention for small, medium and large organisations who need an innovative way to solve strategic challenges. A must have to take your organisation into the future.

Lizette Schoombie - Business consultant

Elaine's Serious Play process was the most transformative and insightful time that we've invested in our business strategy. She helped us see our own blind spots and opportunities more clearly than we have in hundreds of hours of meetings and consultations. The results have been transformative, culturally and financially. Her process is mind-blowingly efficient at getting to the real issues.                                                                                                              Dave Duarte - Treeshake

Wow never knew Lego could be so insightful! Absolutely loved this Strategy session. As an Entrepreneur I struggle with difficulties that comes along my way every day. Elaine helped me to identify these issues and then the BIG core issue of these problems in less than 2 hours! I would really recommend this Lego strategy session for any business that needs re evaluation and guidance when itcomes business strategy addressing problems or difficulties in the growth of your business.

Sybil Doms - Entrepreneur

It radically shifted the way I manage key client relationships to my massive advantage.Through the Lego coaching process I gained access to the subconscious landscape of my business operation and moved into a position to see what works and what blocks.

Simon Taylor - Periphery Films

Lego Group coaching
Lego Group coaching
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Lego coaching
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