Sticky Ideas - the event

I have several questions about our intentions around the proposed event.  Having been one of the earliest enthusiasts of the idea (ref this Blog), I do hope my questions are not seen as negative. I would like to suggest we have a concept meeting about the event. 

  • When was the decision made to use the Obs Festival as a date or a platform?  Is the Obs Festival the ideal time? Will it serve us best?
  • Is the average "Obs Festino" the appropriate audience / client for our project?
  • What are the objectives of the event?
  • Are our objectives congruous with those of the Obs Fest?

Is there perhaps another forum that may better serve us?

What about a very specifically targeted audience made up of ourselves, our lecturers, our mentors and our guests? An evening with shared wine and snacks, shared ideas and deepening and widening an already strong and valuable network.

Jaqueline Dommisse