Is there an art to marketing? Or is it just talk

Hi all, I found it tough to squeeze all the ideas (too many) and the tools to help the marketing side of your businesses into the time available on Monday night. Especially since I know that this section should be most hands-on for you, so you can start using your creativity to market yourself immediately. So, I attach the presentation below - in pdf format - with additional notes and explanations. You may find the explanations of the Blue Oceans Strategy slides helpful, as  I have tried to simplify the benefit of these and given practical examples.  The last couple of slides, which we did not get to on Monday, touches on networking and the ways you could reach your markets through networks.  Pdf file:   Branding & Marketing your Creativity and You  We didn't look at inexpensive ways to get your message to the right people, but, this coming Monday we will have more practical communication methods explained to us: PR and using the Web! And by two very enthusiastic and passionate experts.

I am very aware that each of your marketing strategies and practical solutions are going to be different (Jess was right in that comment). And you may need some help with thinking how to put your marketing ideas into practice. Even though I'm still in development as a painter, I'm really good at marketing strategies, and have been given budgets ranging from R6million to zero to launch products/services locally and internationally.  So, if you're stuck, I can help work out a specific strategy and give you practical ways to tell your target market about your product or sevices.  I'm very willing to give a couple of hours, bartered for fair value exchange...

In any case, standing out from the crowd will be easy for all of you if you apply your inherent "out-the-box" thinking and creativity to communicate with existing and prospective customers.

Let the network-centricity begin!

See you again Monday night,


"There are few people who don't become more interesting when they stop talking." (Mary Lowry)